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3rd Grade Survivor Unit

What's For Dinner?
You've spent almost a week surviving in the Amazon rain forest since your crash. Your group has done a great job building a shelter, but now you are starting to realize that you are probably going to run out of food by the end of the day.  It's time to head out into the forest to find plants and animals that you can eat to survive. What plants and animals might you find that you could eat in the rain forest? Click on the link below to begin your challenge.
Other websites to explore about food in the Amazon:

3rd Grade Mystery Unit
Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered: Is there anyone out there? Do you suspect that there are lost cities buried deep underwater or giant creatures lurking undiscovered in our planet's lakes and oceans? You may be a believer; then again you may be a skeptic. Explore the 'Unsolved Mysteries" in this document and decide for yourself.
Download Mysteries of the World (After you open the pdf file, click on each image to link you to a video or story about the mystery.)
Search the follow website to look up many different unsolved world mysteries:
The Elementary Media Center of Elkhorn Public Schools has put together a list of web site links for many of the Unsolved Mysteries that we are studying. Check them out.
Amelia Earhart: Amelia Earhart was a daring pilot at a time when most women were not allowed to work outside the home. On July 2, 1937, she disappeared over the Pacific Ocean while attempting to fly around the world. Her plane was never found. What happened to her?
Official Amelia Earhart site including theatrical movie trailer, biography, and photos.
An old photograph may solve the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart (make sure to click the link for TIGHAR in related websites)
Atlantis: The idea of a lost, but highly advanced civilization has captured the interest of people for centuries. Perhaps the most compelling of these tales is the story of Atlantis. The story appears again and again in books, television shows and movies. Where did the story originate and is any of it true?
Is Atlantis real or was it just made up as part of a book? This site will help you answer these questions and more.
Learn more about the legend of Atlantis.
Learn more about Atlantis, which is considered the lost continent by some.
Bermuda Triangle: In the Atlantic Ocean, bounded by the island of Bermuda, Miami, FL, and San Juan, Puerto Rico is an area where planes and ships have been known to disappear without warning.
Learn about the history, incidents, and explanations - from the supernatural to the natural.
Bermuda Triangle Mystery- Facts and Myths
The Bermuda Triangle or "Devil's Triangle"
History Channel- Legend of the Bermuda Triangle
Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch): For more than 400 years people have reported finding footprints of an astonishingly large human in the western United States and throughout the world.
Founded in 1995 -- The only scientific research organization exploring the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery.
Read a description of Bigfoot, sightings, and proposed explanations.
The mission of the North America Bigfoot Search is to document the sightings,incidents, habitat, physical characteristics, migratory paths and other pertinent information of the biped we know as Bigfoot/Sasquatch/wild man.
Finding Bigfoot Cam 24/7 for news on Bigfoot sightings and encounters, videos and movies on the does Bigfoot exist question.
Crop Circles: Circles appearing in fields overnight. How did they get there? Who put them there?
The Crop Circle Connector's Frequently Asked Questions Page, dedicated to answering many of their readers questions from how crop circles were formed to whether they are caused by UFOs.
The UnMuseum - Crop Circles from Outerspace
What is the truth about crop circles? Are aliens using earth for doodling?
Curse of King Tut: The curse of the pharaohs refers to the belief that any person who disturbs the mummy of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh is placed under a curse.
Here are five of the most famous rumors concerning a curse - and the real truth behind them.
Read about the "Curse of the Mummy" and a rational explanation for it.
The Curse of King Tut: Facts and Fable
The "mummy's curse" first enjoyed a worldwide vogue after the 1922 discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor, Egypt.
Loch-Ness: Nessie is rivaled perhaps only by Bigfoot for the top spot in the mysterious monsters category. Is it possible that a species of huge creatures could live so long right under the noses of people without any concrete evidence showing up? Find out about the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster.
Bringing you the facts, pictures and sightings of this most elusive of creatures, and Loch Ness technical information.
Learn more about the most famous cryptozoological riddles of our time.
Mary Celeste: The story of the Mary Celeste ghost ship is a mystery that may never be solved.  The ship was found floating, without its crew, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. 
The Mary Celeste Fact or Fiction

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (Look and Learn)
Stonehenge: Over 4,600 years ago a stone structure appeared on the English countryside. Stones standing 13 feet and weighing 25 tons somehow were placed in a large circle. Why? Who moved them and how? These questions have been asked by scientist and citizens. The answers are still a mystery.
Read how scientist try to crack the mystery of Stonehenge.
Great site for learning all about Stonehenge.
Stonehenge: Facts & Theories About Mysterious Monument
UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects): The mystery of UFOs has puzzled people for years. Have we really been visited by aliens from outer space?
Are there really flying saucers?
Get an analytical look at the events, the people, and those that have brought us the Roswell Story.
Read about some known hoaxes of UFO reports.
At 9:45 PM on July 2, 1947, residents in Roswell, New Mexico, observed a "big glowing object" race out of the Southeast and head northwest. Witnesses described it as oval shaped "like two inverted saucers faced mouth to mouth."
UFO Evidence presents in-depth and quality research, resources, news and information on the UFO phenomenon. (Challenging reading, may need parental help)
Bill Nye the Science Guy “Forensic” Video
Fingerprint Evidence (use this site to answer the questions on the sheet your teacher has given you)
THE ART OF CRIME DETECTION - try your hand at being a police sketch artist

4th Grade The Twenty-One Balloons Vocabulary Activity:


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