Monday, February 6, 2017

Football Brainteaser

Natalie, in Ms. Nixon's 4th grade Target class, was the only one to solve the football brainteaser.  

Ms. Nixon's 5th graders trying to solve our football brainteaser...

Keypunch Challenge

Ms. Nixon's 4th graders participated in a team building challenge. The team had to enter the "restricted area" (cafeteria), press the keys (spots on the floor) on the keyboard in sequential order from one to 30, and get out of the "restricted area" in less than 30 seconds.  Oh, and only one team member could touch the keys at a time!  
Although the team was unable to accomplish the challenge in the allotted time, they did come up with great strategies and use some of our group dynamic skills (cooperation, problem-solving, reliability, flexibility, etc.) to work together as a team!