Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Target Supply List 2015 - 2016

Please send these supplies on your student’s first Target day. Supplies from last year may be used again if they are still in good condition.
* (1) 1 inch 3 ring binder with a clear plastic pocket
* (1) 8 pack of dividers labeled in this order: Convergent, Divergent, Evaluative, Affective, Algebra, Research, Misc.
* Notebook paper (place in the Misc. section of your binder)
* (1) pencil case with 3-holes to fit in binder
* Pencils (sharpened if possible; place in pencil pouch)
* Erasers (place in pencil pouch)
* Scissors (place in pencil pouch)
* (2) Glue sticks (place in pencil pouch)
* (1) 2GB Flash Drive (label with name and place in pencil pouch)
* (1) 70 or 80 page wide-ruled spiral notebook
* (1) container of Clorox wipes (boys only)
* (1) bottle of hand sanitizer (girls only)
* Healthy snack and water bottle for each Target day (no chips, cookies, or candy)

Optional Supplies:
Below are a few extra items that will be needed, but not required, in the Target classroom. Thanks in advance for your generosity!
* Index cards
* Post-It notes
* Tissues
* Scotch tape
* Ziploc bags (quart or gallon size)
* Dry erase markers
* Extra glue sticks