Thursday, February 19, 2015

WordMasters Challenge - Meet #2 Results

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Target students participated in their second WordMasters Challenge meet this week. The scores of the top ten students in each grade level are used to calculate the King Springs Elementary School’s team scores. The maximum score is 20 points per student/200 points per team. The top scores for each grade level are below:

3rd Grade:
18 Points – Skye H.
17 Points – Josh B., Sophia H., & Abby M.
15 Points – Milan B., Nia N., & Natalie R.
14 Points – Theo A., Henry G., Eric L., Cooper M., Dele T., & Jeremiah W.
Team Score: 156

4th Grade:
15 Points – Mayson D.
12 Points – Foster J. & Henry R.
10 Points – Hayley B., Mia D., Melanie S., & Claire W.
9 Points – Daren B., Grayson C., Sofia H., Reed M., & Sierra W.
Team Score: 106

5th Grade:
16 Points – Max O. & Josiah W.
15 Points – Dylan L., Asha M., & Mattie P.
14 Points – Zack B.
13 Points – Brennan H., Ben P., Max R., & Brynden W.
Team Score: 143

We are proud of the students’ hard work and look forward to seeing those scores increase in our final meet. 

Here are a few upcoming dates regarding the WordMasters Challenge:
March 13th: Challenge Meet #2 Nationwide Results Available (      
February 23rd: Challenge Meet #3 Word Lists Available      
April (Exact Date TBD): Challenge Meet #3 Test Administered  
May 15th: Challenge Meet #3 Nationwide Results Available & Cumulative Champions Announced

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3rd Grade (A, B, M, & R) Homework Due February 25th

In the novel Chasing Vermeer, Ms. Hussey asks her class, “What makes an object a piece of art?”. Calder and Petra’s homework assignment is to choose an object at home that feels like a work of art and then describe it without saying what the object is. Imagine you are in Ms. Hussey’s class and complete the assignment. You may refer to pages 36, 46, and 54 of the novel for descriptions and examples. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

4th and 5th Grade

Please be sure to continue practicing for the Word Master Challenge using the "Quizlet" links available on the "Links for Students" tab on this blog. The next meet is right around the corner!!

Also, please be sure you know how to log in to your shark website from school. You will likely need the email address used to set up the account as well as the password that was created for the site. We will be working on the sites throughout the semester and things will run much more smoothly if everyone is prepared.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

3rd Grade Homework Due February 11th/12th

Complete the analogies activity (front and back). Then, on a sheet of notebook paper, create 5 of your own analogies. Each analogy must contain at least 1 WordMasters Challenge word.