Wednesday, November 12, 2014

4th Grade Homework - Vanderkooi's Group

1. Bring materials for the roller coaster engineering challenge.

2. Complete the WordMasters Challenge assignment - due November 18 (details below).

Choose approximately 10 words from your Meet 1 list that are least familiar/most challenging to you. Remember that some words have multiple meanings and parts of speech. Do an activity that will help you learn those words. Some suggestions include:

* Make flash cards with the words on one side and the definitions on the other.
* Write a story with the words. Put the words in sentences that have context clues about their meanings.
* Draw a picture to represent each word’s meaning.
* Create a crossword puzzle for a friend to solve. Use the definitions as clues.
* Any other activity you can think of that would help you learn more about your words.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Word Masters Challenge

3rd - 5th grade

Be sure you are studying your WordMasters Challenge words! The first competition is December 3rd.